Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Winery Visit - Davis Bynum

If you are wondering where in the heck Davis Bynum Winery is in Niagara, stop! Davis Bynum is in Sonoma County, California.

Well, to be more oenologically precise, Davis Bynum is in the Russian River Valley A.V.A. (A.V.A. = American Viticultural Area.) If you've never been to Northern California and/or are not that familiar with Sonoma County wines, this is probably a boring minutia. However, it's worth beginning to learn about the different AVA's within Sonoma because it does make a difference.

The most important AVAs in Sonoma are the Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley, and the Alexander Valley. I love Sonoma wines, but I'll have to say wines from RRV are my favourite. (I've visited Northern California three times in the last five years. )

Well - enough background. Davis Bynum is one of three wineries on the West Side Road (i.e. west of the river) which pioneered the growth and vinification of Pinot Noir in the region. (The others are Rochioli and Gary Farrell)

On my previous Sonoma visit, I had picked up a bottle of the 2001 RRV Pinot Noir. This was most enjoyable consumed late last fall. On this past visit, I was more in a Zinfandel mood. I especially enoyed the:

Clopton Vineyard Zinfandel - 2002 (US $30 - 198 Cases made)

and acquired a bottle to haul home on the plane. Davis Bynum does make some wines in larger volumes. However, it's more fun when visiting a far away (or nerrby for that matter!) winery to focus on the special wines. This was one of those wines.

If you find yourself in Sonoma, don't miss the wineries on the West Side Road. You won't find this exact wine ( it's sold out), but you will not go away empty-handed.


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