Thursday, February 16, 2006

Caymus not a Conundrum

I've had a bottle of Caymus Vineyards' white blend called Conundrum hanging about for a while. This is one of those in between wines that not so easy to match with food - being off-dry. Well - at least for me, as I've come to realize that I generally prefer very dry white wines.

This evening I thought I'd open this wine (vintage 1999, purchased at about $40 likely three+ years ago) and sip it while typing and chatting on the phone. I must report that it's a delicious wine. It has an abundant bouquet - with some oak in evidence, but not too much so. The wine is not as sweet as I expected. I was bracing myself for a more upscale version of the Malvasia Bianca wine from Bonny Doon - a sweet floral wine that I found hard to get through.

Not so this effort from Caymus. Although I'll not likely rush out and acquire more, I'll certainly enjoy the rest of this bottle.


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